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(In 1996, Wyatt R. Knapp authored and designed "The History & Primitive Technology Page" and uploaded it to the world wide web. At the time it was one of the few sites dealing with such a broad range of primitive skills & articles of historical interest. Over the years the site garnered over half a million visits and countless references, links, and reprints of his articles and plans. The content of the original site is now housed here at Onagocag Publishing so the information can continue to be a source of reference for those seeking it's information.)

Here are some points that I've made over the last five years. These are all traditionally knapped pieces, not "flake over grind." Currently my favorite knapping tools comprise a kit made up of the following: An egg-sized hammerstone, a medium baton made of moose antler, a 1 inch diameter (six inch long) antler tine, a copper tipped pressure flaker, and a notching tool. I have other tools that I occassionally bring to bear, but more and more I find myself using only the above listed kit to complete a point. 

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