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This section of the History and Primitive Technology Page is humbly dedicated to my friend John Geyer, a unique person, a Master Flintknapper, and a generous teacher. John, you are missed by all who knew you. (-wrk- April 2002)

I am a member of a flintknapping club called the Michigan Flintknappers. There are people in this group who are at all levels of skill-from beginner to some really phenomenal stone artisans. I really consider myself lucky to hang out with these people here in Michigan because everyone I’ve met so far has been extremely helpful, friendly, and supportive.

For two years, when I first started knapping, I would travel every Thursday to Battle Creek where a group of us got together and flintknapped at the home of our friendly and talented host John Geyer. Sometimes we would invite knappers we had heard about to join us. Our Thursday group knapped with artists like Don Gilson and Craig Ratzat. Whenever we got together there was much camaraderie and sharing of knapping hints and techniques.

What I’d like to do here is try and get this sharing thing going for you. My intent isn't to try and give you an instruction manual for flintknapping. The books by folks like D.C. Waldorf and John Whittaker and video sources like those that may be found on Youtube are recommended. But I do want to let you know of any hints, techniques, or breakthroughs in understanding the process that I have experienced with the hope that they will be of help.

If anything I put on this page helps you then that would make me happy indeed. We learn faster when we learn together.

Let’s see if anything below interests you.


What knapping tools do I need?

Talking about angles

Just what is this "below the centerline" concept?

My points keep breaking when I start to get them thin

Some new hints

Pictures of some points I've made

Flintknapping terms and definitions

John Geyer

A Recipe for Hafting Glue





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