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Gilbert L. Wilson
Illustrated by Frederick N. Wilson
With an introduction by Wyatt R. Knapp
Glooskap Frederick N. Wilson Gilbert L. Wilson

Gilbert L. Wilson, gifted ethnologist and field collector for the American Museum of Natural History, thoroughly enjoyed the study of American Indian life and folklore. In 1902 he moved to Mandan, North Dakota and was excited to find he had Indian neighbors. His life among them inspired him to write books that accurately portrayed their culture and traditions. Wilson's charming translations of their oral heritage came to life all the more when coupled with the finely-detailed drawings of his brother, Frederick N. Wilson.

".M.yths of the Red Children" (1907) and "Indian Hero Tal.e.s" (1916) h.a.v.e lon.g .b.ee.n r.e.c.o.g.n.i..z.e.d. .as impor.ta.n.t cont.r.i.b.u.t.ion.s to the preservation of American In.d.i.an Cul.t.ur.e and lore.

Here, for the first time ever, both books are included in one volume, complete with their supplemental craft sections and ethnological notes. While aimed at young folk, the books also appeal to anyone wishing to learn more about the rich and culturally significant oral traditions--as well as some of the craft and tool traditions--of North America's earliest people.

Glooskap   teepee tipi  beaded knife sheath  beaded moccasins

Nearly 300 drawings accompany the text, accurately depicting tools, clothing, dwellings, and accoutrements. The drawings for this edition were culled from multiple copies of the original books with the best examples chosen for careful restoration. The larger format allows the reader to fully appreciate every detail of Frederick Wilson's remarkable drawings. This is not a mere scan containing torn or incomplete pages, stains and blemishes. This new Onagocag Publishing hardcover edition is clean, complete and unabridged with an additional introduction by Wyatt R. Knapp that includes biographical information on the Wilson brothers, as well as interesting details and insights about the text and illustrations. You'll understand why these books are so desirable for those who love traditional arts, history and anthropology. Wilson's books have become historic examples of early American literature. Care has been taken to ensure that the stories in this edition are presented with the language and vocabulary as originally published. Young and old alike will find these books a thrilling immersion into American Indian culture, craft, and lore.

It has been over one hundred years since the publication of Myths of the Red Children. The centennial anniversary of the release of Indian Hero Tales is fast approaching. The time is right to reintroduce these kinds of quality stories, and the traditional cultures they represent, to a new generation. Onagocag Publishing is proud to present this definitive centennial edition.

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Indian Hero Tales Indian Hero Tales

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