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With 49 drawings by the author and over 60 photographs, this attractive and user friendly book guides the reader through all the steps necessary to make a successful atlatl and dart system for competition, hunting, or just plain fun. Along with redesigned atlatl plans and all new dart designs, the reader will find information and instruction on traditional hafting and fletching techniques, how to use sinew, making and attaching weights, tips on atlatl mechanics and how they affect dart performance, and more.
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THE NEW ATLATL AND DART WORKBOOK is a valuable tool for both beginning and more knowledgable atlatl enthusiasts.
atlatl dart workbook
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What's an atlatl? Some excerpts ...

"The atlatl and dart system consists of a wooden thrower or handle (the atlatl) which is about two feet long. At the tip end is a hook or point. The second part, the dart, is like a really long arrow. It is hollowed out a bit at the back end so that it fits on the hook of the thrower. The dart is then cast from the atlatl. An atlatl in the hands of an expert can throw a dart accurately enough to hit a target one hundred yards away."

"The atlatl was the main hunting tool for well over 12,000 years in the Americas before being replaced by the bow and arrow around 2,000 BC. There are those who place its use in Europe to as much as 30,000 years ago. Its dependability and effectiveness as a hunting weapon is thought to have been a major contributing factor in the extinction of much of the mega-fauna in the Americas including animals like the mastodon and woolly mammoth."

(From pg. 62) " ... Another example ...[of the atlatl's effectiveness]... is this report of an atlatl penetration study undertaken in Zimbabwe. A researcher from the University of Wyoming had permission to perform a study on elephants that had been shot and culled from the herd by game wardens. He was getting ready to spear one of the animals when it suddenly came to and got up. The dart was thrown and went in near the front leg and penetrated the lungs. The elephant immediately dropped to its knees and “keeled over”. There’s no doubt these things worked on mastodons and mammoths. "

(from pg. 2) "Today atlatls are used for hunting, fishing, in competition, and just for the sheer enjoyment of launching the powerful darts into the air and watching them gracefully sail downfield. Interest in the atlatl is booming. Now is the perfect time to learn about atlatls and darts, to make them, and be part of the fun!"

                                - From The New Atlatl And Dart Workbook by Wyatt R. Knapp

Wyatt R. Knapp
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